Sunday, 08.10.06

In the morning the weather even was worse - in addition to the storm it had started to rain again...

After breakfast we decided to visit the African penguin colony at Betty´s Bay. This colony is much less crowded (by tourists, not penguins) than the one in Boulders at the cape peninsula and we had a very good time watching this funny little fellows. Sometimes their clumsy behaviour makes you break out in tears from laughing.


Countless breeding pairs hide in the bushes


A youngster in its fluffy coat


They are most comfortable in the water

What to do now ... ?

Feeling hungry and cold we drove back to Hermanus where we could catch a table at the very busy Harbor Rock Restaurant. After lunch we watched whales from the rocks at both New and Old Harbour.

Whale at the New Harbour

Whale at the Old Harbour

Then we gave Grotto Beach another try. The past rain even had one advantage - the storm could not blow the now wet sand in our faces...

Grotto Beach

Against the storm...

The evening we spent at the guesthouse hoping for better weather the next days. => 

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