Wednesday, 27.09.06

In Malgas we crossed the Breede River using the last manually operated river ferry of South Africa. The last stretch of road is gravel until the entrance of the De Hoop Nature Reserve, a little paradise at the shores of the Indian Ocean. Whale watching is one of the main attractions and itīs really fascinating. Once you see a flipper stretched out of the water and then even a head - we could have watched for hours. At the beach you can also watch the rare Black Oystercatcher.

In the game viewing area one can see antelope and zebra amongst others.

The way to the whale watching site


Splish splash!


Whatīs on?


Black Oystercatcher

Believe it or not -  Dassies are the next living relatives to the elephant...


Endless white dunes

Later we returned to the car again for a game drive.

A large herd of Eland


Cape Mountain Zebra - distinguished by the missing shadow stripes
and the orange-brown nose


Bontebok baby

After this exciting day we enjoyed our cosy home once more. The next day we were heading for the Little Karoo.  =>

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