Saturday, 23.09.06

Soon after the very rich breakfast we visited the Afrikaanse Taal Monument being the worldīs only monument dedicated to a language. Its setting high above Paarl opens magnificent views.

The single pillars represent the different European and African languages from which Afrikaans emerged.

Paarl Rocks are among the worldīs largest granite monoliths second in size only to famous Ayers Rock in Australia. Needless to say, we had to climb them...


Then we crossed Bainīs Kloof Pass to Tulbagh. The town was completely destroyed by an earth quake in 1969. The accurately rebuilt houses of Church Street are marked national monuments today.

At Bainīs Kloof Pass


Proteas by the road side


Church Street scenes

Over Du Toitīs Kloof Pass we returned to Paarl. 

At the foot of the pass we had our first baboon encounter. They sit by the road side and steal everything they can get hold of - especially food stuff... 

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