Sunday, 01.10.06

Today we had to leave this nice place and continue to our next stop at Mountain Zebra National Park near Cradock. While driving it became more and more cloudy.

The MZNP was established in 1937 for the rescue of the Cape Mountain Zebra being close to extinction at that time. Only 45 animals remained but they have recovered to a number of more than 350 by now making it even possible to relocate some of them to other National Parks. The park is a mountainous area with peak heights near 2.000 m. There are grassy mountain plains and scrubland (veld) in the valley. Other inhabitants of the park include antelope, buffalo and black rhino.


After watching the zebras for quite a while we went for a short hiking trip on the Black Eagle Trail. 

Dagmar spots...

... a Kudu bull in the valley

Later this afternoon we got in our car again looking for buffalo this time. As we were not successful in this we could watch some antelope though. The track through the very impressive landscape is a bit challenging and we even had to ford a few small streams. After reaching the high plains again we enjoyed the sunset.



Have a closer look...


Weaver bird


Springbok at sunset


Evening spirit

Tomorrow we would reach Addo Elephant National Park.   =>

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