Tuesday, 03.10.06

At 6 in the morning we were at the gate for our first morning drive. Unfortunately the weather had not improved but anyway we were hoping to see some predators. And right after the start we saw two spotted hyenas!
After this we witnessed a very impressive spectacle when a large herd of buffalo crossed the road. Some bulls even took to fighting.

Spotted hyena


Secretary bird


The "arena"


Some 100 buffalo passed by

After this exciting encounter we enjoyed breakfast at the restaurant. The rest of the morning we spent reading and with writing postcards.
Early in the afternoon we could watch from our terrace a hyena gnawing on the remains of a kudu. Later also an elephant passed by.

Afterwards we went to the bird hide. Here one can watch a large number of weaver birds (mainly Red Bishop). It is really fascinating how they split the leaves of the reed and weave them into their nests. In the top right corner of the picture two of these nests can be seen.

After a pleasant cup of coffee it was time again for a game drive. This time we saw a hyena, burchell zebras, a black-backed jackal crossing the track and a herd of some 40 elephants - a real highlight!


The shadow stripes can be well identified


Black-backed jackal


In the evening we had dinner at the campīs restaurant. Dagmar tried Kudu steak and enjoyed it very much.
We went to bed pretty soon because we wanted to rise with the sun the next day for another morning drive. =>

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