Friday, 07.09.2012

As promised Angus got the dogs after breakfast and we met at the meadow on the shores of Loch Seaforth.

Loch Seaforth and the B&B

There were 6 sheep left, of which 2 still had to be shorn. Angus caught the first and showed me how to hold the sheep and do the clipping using the blade shears. In contrast to machine shears the blades leave some wool on the sheep which is important in the harsh climate of Harris, the sheep spending most of the year out on the hills.

When it was my turn it took me some time to get used to it but in the end I managed quite well, leaving the tail and legs to Angus' expert hands.

Angus shows how to do

clip clip

Voilą madame!!

After the second sheep had escaped my not-so-firm grip and Angus had caught it again it was Dagmar's turn. Her results were named by Miranda as "Viennese haircut".

number two before the escape

What the hell is he doing???

Dagmar's turn

Well done!

our 2 models

The fleece feels very oily but there is no unpleasant smell at all. The sheep-shearing was one of the greatest experiences of our whole vacation. Sadly, we already had to say farewell to Miranda and Angus after this.

Before heading for the ferry to Skye we visited the magnificent beach at Huisinis. Here the fertile machair vegetation can be found and we walked the grassy slopes of the cliff line. We could watch gannets and shags catching fish and enjoyed the view to Scarp - known for the failed experiments to deliver post by rocket in the 1930s

Scarp on the left


gannet diving

view to the southwest

Easy Riders

Goodbye Harris!

From Tarbert we took the ferry to Skye. After a pleasant 2 hours' ride we arrived at Uig.

From Uig it was not far to the Romesdal Croft of Joe and Yvonne, where we spent the next 4 nights.

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