Saturday, 01.09.2012

After saying farewell to Mary and Iain we headed north for Ullapool. At Loch Maree the massive bulk of Slioch was veiled by the low hanging clouds.

Loch Maree and Slioch

Beautiful Gairloch beach was charming even without sun.

Gairloch Beach

Along the way we visited Inverewe Gardens which are one of the Northern Highlands' most visited tourist attractions.

In 1862 Osgood Mackenzie had the idea to create a subtropical garden on a barren headland. He transferred tons of fertile soil to the grounds and planted numerous trees to shelter the garden from the harsh sea winds. Over the next years and decades one of the northernmost botanical gardens was created. Due to the warm currents of the North Atlantic Drift rhododendrons, eucalypts and other exotic species flourish there.


giant rhubarb

water lilies

the thistle, Scotland's national flower

In Ullapool we received a warm welcome by Shirley of the Broombank B&B. We asked her for some suggestions for dinner and the Essence of India turned out to be a good choice. We also collected our pre-booked ferry tickets for the Outer Hebrides.

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