Thursday, 23.08.2012

After a delicious Scottish breakfast we climbed Arthur's Seat. The 251 m high peak is an easy climb and of volcanic origin. The views over the city and its surroundings are breathtaking.

on the top

Holyrood Palace, official residence of the Queen while in Scotland

Calton Hill with Nelson Monument and National Monument

We completed the round trip at the foot of the Salisbury Crags and climbed Calton Hill, providing equally excellent views over the city.

Castle Hill

  Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags

After a short rest in the midday sun we headed for the Old Town again. Passing Grassmarket we came to the birthplace of Harry Potter - at The Elephant House J.K. Rowling wrote large parts of the first book about the now famous wizard. The castle view from the windows of the café really reminded me of the movie version of Hogwarts.



A few steps further lies Greyfriars Kirkyard where one can find many names well known from the Harry Potter books. The Greyfriars Bobby pub is named after the little dog of that name who - according to legend - kept watch at the grave of its late master for over 14 years.

  Greyfriars Kirkyard

The molecular biologist in Dagmar of course had to visit Dolly, the first successfully cloned mammal, displayed at the National Museum of Scotland right over the street. Another famous exhibit are 11 of the Lewis Chessmen - carved from walrus ivory and reminiscent of the Norwegian rule over the Outer Hebrides in the Middle Ages.


  Lewis Chessmen

In the evening it was show time - the Edinburgh Military Tattoo was a beautiful experience in front of the unique backdrop of the castle walls.

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