Tuesday, 04.09.2012

Today we were to take the ferry to Stornoway. Check-in was smooth and quick, even though the ferry was a bit late.

When we left sheltered Loch Broom the sea soon became very rough and after a 3 hour's roller coaster ride we were glad to feel firm ground under our feet again.

In Stornoway we headed for the tourist information to inquire about wildlife boat tours. However, we were told that the sea would take some time to calm down after such rough conditions and that this was very unlikely to happen in the next one or two days.

We headed north over bleak moorland to the northwest coast and then on to the Gearrannan Blackhouse Village. The thatched stone houses have long been the traditional type of house in the Outer Hebrides and a few have been in use until the early 1970s. Now they form an open air museum and some houses can be rented for holiday accommodation.

on the left peat is stacked for the traditional peat fire

By now it was too late for a visit to the Callanish Standing Stones so we stopped for dinner at the Loch Erisort Inn. They had "locally caught fresh langoustines" on the blackboard and I simply could  not resist. I was quite surprised about the huge portion when the plate was served.


After dinner we arrived at the Seaforth B&B in Ardvourlie. Our hosts Miranda and Angus gave us a heartwarming welcome and we immediately felt at home. Angus is a very passionate crofter tending to a flock of sheep and 3 Highland cattle. The eggs for breakfast come from their own chickens and there are 2 cats and 2 Border Collies as well.

Seaforth B&B

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