Saturday, 26.02.2011

In the morning we drove to the market again and bought something for breakfast, which we enjoyed on a nice beach in the Southeast. We also wanted to withdraw some money from the only cash machine on the island. Unfortunately it did not work so we were a bit clueless how to pay our bill, but since we still had a few days before we left we hoped that it might have been repaired until then.

rice with chicken and soup for breakfast

the lonely beach

After breakfast we went for a walk on the beach and then returned back home. When returning the scooter our host Pramot (also chief police officer of the island) told us that they had problems with the cash machine regularly and that we should not worry too much.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing on the beach. In the evening we discussed the details of our boat trip with Pramot and Kazuyo, who offered to prepare a packed lunch of fried rice. We were joined by a young Czech couple which had the nice side effect that the trip would only cost half the original price for each couple.

lazy day

limestone cliffs in the evening sun

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