Wednesday, 23.02.2011

Today's morning walk was the highlight of our visit at the Elephant Nature Park. We strolled through the park area with Trudy, an American who now spends most of her time at the ENP and has become a real elephant expert. She can tell a lot about every single elephant and knows each animal's character and their relationships within the groups. It was amazing to be so close to the freely roaming elephants.

sunrise as seen from the bathroom

along the river in the morning sun


Dagmar and Amy intently following Trudy's explanations

the grass is always greener on the other side!

teenager jostle...

...and always munching!

In the afternoon we joined the elephant bathing again and after that we went tubing. A few kilometers upstream we started floating down the gentle river in truck's inner tubes. It was a very nice and pleasant ride and also a good refreshment.

whose feet are bigger?

elephant shower


Then we had to go back to Chiang Mai again. We loved being at the Elephant Nature Park and getting in close contact with those lovely animals. Even if still not everything is perfect this is certainly a big improvement for the overall situation of these elephants. If we ever come back to Thailand we definitely want to spend at least one week volunteering in the ENP.

After the friendly welcome back at Baan Hanibah Guest House we got the family room, since all other rooms were occupied. So we had plenty of space for our last night in Chiang Mai. In the evening we enjoyed street food again. Tomorrow we would take a plane to the Phuket area in the South.

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