Monday, 21.02.2011

In the morning, our cooking teacher Max picked us up at our guesthouse. After our group of 10 people was complete we stopped at a market hall to learn about the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine.

different types of rice

chicken on ice

many sorts of known an unknown fruit


After arriving at the farm we walked around in the lush gardens with its herbs, banana, papaya and kaffir lime trees.

beautiful garden pond

Max with papaya tree


pounding curry paste is quite taxing

Dagmar in action

ready for eating!

Everybody cooked 5 courses, and we had to choose from three different dishes per course. Our choice was: yellow curry with vegetables / green chicken curry (each with self made curry paste), Tom Yam Gung (hot and sour soup with shrimps) / vegetable soup with coconut milk, stir fried chicken with basil / green papaya salad, Pad Thai (fried noodles) / spring rolls and sticky rice with mango / banana in coconut milk. We cooked the first three courses before lunch and the other two in the afternoon. Since lunch was already more than enough for us we took the noodles and spring rolls back home in very special "Thai Tupperware" (plastic bag with rubber band *g*), which we enjoyed in the evening on our terrace.

Now we were looking forward to our 2-days trip to the Elephant Nature Park, which we had already booked online back home. We could leave most of our luggage at Baan Hanibah, since we would return again for one more night. =>

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