Sunday, June 6th 2004:

Today we drove north along the beautiful Bohuslän coastline towards Norway. Near Tanumshede we visited some UNESCO protected bronze age rock carvings.

The Swedish-Norwegian border is hardly to be mentioned, but one can see the difference in traffic immediately. Driving in Norway can be pretty boring because of very restrictive speed limits - even on motorways you may often not go more than 70 km/h. On the other hand it can also be pure adventure because of very narrow streets when driving over the mountains or along the fjords´ shoreline.

In Fredrikstad we stopped for a break and visited the old town with many pretty coloured wooden houses.
Then we took the tunnel under the Oslofjord, and started heading west. In Heddal we visited our first stave church, which is also Norway´s biggest.

In the evening we put up our tent on Teksten campsite beautifully situated by a lake near Gvarv.

On Monday we would head further west to the fjords. =>