Monday, June 7th 2004:

When we woke up it had started to rain. 
We crossed the mountains of Haukelifjell which reach some 1.000 m above sea level. There was still snow up there, and the landscape with its many little lakes looked very nice even in bad conditions like today.

The first waterfall on our way, Låtefossen near Odda, is very impressive at this time of the year, with the melted water from the late snow rushing down.

Every now and again the sun managed to break through the clouds and so driving along Sørfjord and Eidfjord we finally reached Øvre Eidfjord. Here we visited Hardangervidda Natursenter. The exhibition is really worth seeing, and the Super-Videograph panorama movie gives you unforgettable impressions of this magnificent area.

Later on we climbed up the serpentine street through Mabødalen to the top of the Hardangervidda plateau. In Liseth we rented a very cosy cabin in this great area.

After a bottle of wine (did I mention the cabin was very cosy? *g*) we hoped for better weather the next day... =>