Saturday, June 5th 2004:

The weather forecast proved right and so we faced a bright and sunny day.

The ferry boats to Södra Skärgården depart from Saltholmen on the western edge of the city. We decided for Brännö and took the next boat. Brännö has two little marinas, so you can take a walk across the island and continue by boat from the other side. We climbed a little hill and enjoyed the views across the island. In a little inn in the middle of the island we had a very pleasant fish meal in the sun. In the evening we realised we were slightly sunburnt...

From the other marina the return boat took us back to Saltholmen.



After setting our feet on firm ground again we headed north along the coast for Smögen, a little fishing harbour on the windy seaside.


A few kilometers ahead we checked in at the nice youth hostel in Hunnebostrand.

The next day we would reach Norway. =>